If You Want It (From "Superfly) | Sleepy Brown ft. Scar


If You Want It is the opening tune of the soundtrack for SuperFly, the highly anticipated film remake for the 1972 version, Super Fly. Director X appointed Atlanta rapper, Future, to curate the soundtrack as a modern take on the very popular original soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield. Future delivered with a star-studded record featuring songs by Sleepy Brown, 21 Savage, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Khalid, H.ER., Lil Wayne, and more. 

If You Want It creates the ambiance of a mystery thriller. The minor chords and big percussive stops from the band keeps us on our toes as we listen to the thrilling track. The song has a modern approach to the Motown style vibe that was made popular in the 70s and it honors the original musical choices of this era, from the "wah" effect of the guitar to the percussion and the groovy bass line. We hear this particularly in the aggressive and forward snare mix and the string mix. Typically, a song from the Motown label would approach the strings as a top liner, accompanied by slow-moving parts. If You Want It took a similar approach while adding modern, synth string effects. The strings may have a small part to the track but they help wrap up the song nicely. Take some time this weekend and go see the new movie, SuperFly!