Sleeping At Last | Atlas: Five


Sleeping At Last takes us through the Enneagram personality types in his most recent project, Atlas: Year 2. Strings appear frequently in Sleeping At Last's music and show up phenomenally in his most recent release, Five. In the Enneagram, type Fives are known to be intense, innovative, secretive, and isolated. Sleeping At Last illustrates this cerebral personality by starting the song completely instrumental, slowly building the song structure and direction. When the strings are introduced, they interrupt the minimal electronic beats and any sense of time with sweeping notes and layered slides. The fullness of the string arrangement brings reality to a pause. The approach of octaves between the violins and cellos and lightly scattered motifs leave us knowing less is truly more. Jeremy Larson is credited for composing the rich, lush string arrangement in Five. 

Listen to Five above: length 5:55.