Friday Link Pack


Heads up, artists. Spotify is helping you play their game in these short tutorial videos.


As our lives become more connected than ever, paid subscription services are saving the music industry.


Mental health is real and it is no shock that many artists face this reality. If you need help, or know someone who does, here are some great lifelines. At the very least, let’s start the conversation and love each other well.


Do you use Twitter? If you don’t, maybe you should…


10 music-tech ideas that are out just getting started. Be the first to know.


Music critics are 10 years ago. We now rely on music explainers.


“From 2010-2014, the top ten producers (by number of hits) wrote about 40% of songs that achieved #1 - #5 ranking on the Billboard Hot 100….everything starts to sound more or less the same.”