Madeleine Peyroux | La Javanaise (The Shape of Water Soundtrack)


In honor of the hard work of Guillermo del Toro and "The Shape of Water," which won Best Picture for 2018, we wanted to share a song from the soundtrack that spoke to us. "La Javanaise" is a song written and composed by Serge Gainsbourg originally for Juliette Gréco in 1963 and later rerecorded by Madeleine Peyroux in 2006. The song narrates a dance - a perfect tune to soundtrack an underwater dance scene with a fish/fishman/god-man-fish? Anyway, the slow tempo allows the strings to breathe beautifully throughout Peyroux’s arrangement. The strings start off playing in the dance style of the Waltz, or playing in 3/4, and from there, they become light add-ons, creating beautiful harmonies of dissonance and consonance to the melody as the jazz quartet takes over. A unique moment to be captured on film while watching a woman dance with her "magical godlike fish man.”